We at ID5 Identification Verification know that simplicity matters to our customers. On that basis, we have made the process of obtaining certification of your ID for HM Land Registry purposes as swift, cost-effective and reliable as possible!

Our process is the most efficient available and we can often offer SAME DAY APPOINTMENTS where required!

The simple process works like this:

  • BOOKING AN APPOINTMENT – using our easy appointment booking programme at www.ID5.co.uk, arrange a time for your video call
  • CONFIRMATION EMAIL – you’ll receive a confirmation email of your appointment, with a Zoom link. If you’d prefer meeting by another medium (eg. Facetime or WhatsApp), you can email us and we’ll immediately make the arrangements
  • INFORMATION EMAIL – For a smooth and efficient service, you’ll receive an email requesting details needed to complete the identification verification forms which you’ll need to send to us before the appointment
  • REMINDER EMAIL – As we know this is a necessary evil and you have other things in your life, we send out a helpful reminder email an hour before the appointment
  • APPOINTMENT – you have your appointment with one of our Solicitors
  • PAYMENT – you make payment for your required service and not a penny more! Find out more about our pricing on our Pricing Page
  • CREDAS© ONLINE ID CHECK – as part of our proprietary process, we go one step further to protect you. Using the Credas© Online ID Check, we verify your identification documents after our appointment
  • SEND ID5 FORMS TO YOU! – We send the completed HM Land Registry identification forms fully completed to you by email and by post.

Don’t delay! Book your appointment today!

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The ID1 Form and ID5 Form are crucial documents that play a significant role in various administrative processes.

Navigating through these forms can be complex, and our website aims to simplify the process. Learn more about the forms and their applications on our Home page, discover the About section to understand their significance, and check out our transparent Pricing details.

Find answers to common queries in the FAQ section, access additional Resources for further information, and easily initiate the application process with our convenient Book Now feature. We strive to provide a user-friendly platform to streamline your experience with ID1 and ID5 Forms.