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ID1 & ID5 Verification from £59

The UK’s Leading Provider of Land Registry Compliant Identification Verification

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Are you looking to register a document with HM Land Registry?

If so, and unless you have your own conveyancing solicitor acting for you, Land Registry will need confirmation that your identity has been checked by a solicitor or similar professional and confirmed using HM Land Registry’s ID1 Form.

Look no further. As the UK’s leading online ID1 provider, we specialise in one thing and one thing only: fast and efficient online ID1 Form Checks for HM Land Registry, provided by fully qualified solicitors, over videocall.

Costing only £59 per person and taking just 15 minutes to do by way of an online Zoom call, we’re proud to provide the cheapest quickest, and easiest HM Land Registry compliant ID checking service in the UK.

You’ll receive your completed forms for approval minutes after the end of our call, and no payment is taken until your forms are signed.

We’ve already helped thousands of satisfied customers sort out their Land Registry ID check and produced their ID1 and ID5 forms. Book a slot today.

Want to know more? Find out how id1 & id5 form verification works!

Here’s some info on some of the questions you might have:

Whenever someone applies to register a transfer, lease, deed of variation, change of name, mortgage or discharge of mortgage at HM Land Registry, they will be asked by Land Registry to provide evidence that their identification has been checked by a conveyancer or similar professional.

Generally, if you have a solicitor acting on your behalf, they will take copies of your passport and proof of address documents when you first appoint them. The solicitor then certifies to HM land Registry that the check has been done.

The conveyancing process is relatively straightforward, and the forms that need to be completed, can easily be downloaded along with guidance for completing them, from HM Land Registry’s website.

In the context of the cost of living crisis, many people carrying out simple land transactions that don’t involve commercial mortgage lenders are now choosing to download the conveyancing forms and complete them themselves, thereby saving thousands of pounds on expensive conveyancing solicitor’s fees, and avoiding any unnecessary delays.

However, HM Land Registry still require that appropriate ID checks are carried out for people seeking to register transactions in circumstances where there is no conveyancer acting.

This is where we can help – we provide the ID check you need, via a quick and simple online video meeting, and we complete the ID1 and ID5 forms for you to present to HM Land Registry, all for just £59

Sometimes your solicitor may not have met you in person, and may not have the facilities to verify your identity remotely.

In other cases, a solicitor will just be formally acting for one of the parties to the transaction on the basis that the others are then technically “unrepresented”. Some solicitors in these circumstances are reluctant to verify the ID for the other unrepresented parties.

We can help in these situations by carrying out an online ID check and by providing the solicitor with the fully completed ID1 and ID5 forms.

HM Land Registry have been accepting ID checks online since March 2020, initially in response to the pandemic.

On 21 November 2022 HM Land Registry Confirmed that the ability for Land Registry related ID checks to be done online by videocall using the ID1 and ID5 forms would be made permanent. This was in recognition of the difficulties experienced by people in many parts of the UK in finding local solicitors willing to provide the service, coupled with the face that allowing video ID verification is much more convenient for many people, and much more environmentally friendly that a polluting car journey to a solicitor’s office. It is also far more secure.

Yes, we are able to offer in-person appointments in some parts of the country though our panel of affiliated solicitors’ firms, as per the location list below, and in some other areas, so if you need ID1 verification near you, please give us a call to discuss on 0330 390 4000.

  • Bristol
  • Cardiff
  • Exeter
  • Gloucester
  • Manchester
  • Leeds
  • Liverpool
  • London
  • Sheffield
  • Swansea
  • Taunton
  • Tetbury
  • Weston-Super-Mare

However, these appointments can be slightly more expensive than our discounted online rate as local fees apply.

Aside from the convenience factor of having your ID1 confirmation done from the comfort of your own home, there is a further benefit in that, when the check is done by videocall there is no need for you to get passport photos, which are required for in person appointments.

When done online we take a simple screenshot of you holding up your ID document, and this is used in place of passport photos.

These days passport photos cost around £9 – £15, so this is a big saving. Our prices are also much cheaper than most high street solicitors.

In order for ID to be verified online using the Land Registry’s new ID1 and ID5 process, the person checking the ID must a “Conveyancer” – which means a person authorised under the Legal Services Act 2007 to provide conveyancing services. In practice, this includes Solicitors, Barristers, Chartered Legal Executive.

All of our ID verifiers are fully qualified solicitors.

Only practising conveyancers can provide ID confirmation online by videocall.

Since March 2020 Land registry has allowed a limited number of other professionals (including doctors, dentists and MPs) to verify ID using an ID3 form, but this is with significant caveats. Anyone that uses an ID3 signed by a non-conveyancer who is nevertheless an approved professional must have known you for 1 year and, furthermore, they are required to provide HM Land Registry with extensive personal details including copies of their own ID documents which must be submitted to HMLR in unencrypted format. Consequently, using this procedure is rare.

We don’t provide ID3 forms because all of our ID verifiers are fully qualified solicitors – meaning we provide you with fully completed ID1 and ID5 forms.

You’re going to need 1 item of photo ID – so one of the following documents:-

  1. Current Passport;
  2. Current United Kingdom, EU, Isle of Man, Channel Islands photocard driving licence (not a provisional licence); and
  3. Current Biometric Residence Permit issued by the UK Home Office to a non-UK national resident in the UK

In addition, we ask for 2 forms of proof of address, ideally bank statements, utility or council tax bills or some sort of credit account or other form of official correspondence addressed to you at home.

If you have a passport and a full driving license, the license can be used as one form of address ID.

If the ID verification is for your home property, that’s it, we won’t need anything else.

If, however, you need the ID verification form for another property other than your residence, we ask for something connecting you to that property – this can be any historic bills or other official correspondence addressed to that property, official papers from the conveyancing on purchase or prior transfer, mortgage statement or documents from a letting agent or papers relating to any inheritance.

If you have lived at the address, we suggest you search your inbox as very often you will be able to find something suitable.

If you are struggling to find something connecting you to the property, please ask your advisor on the video call, because in our experience we can almost always resolve this aspect one way or another.

The position here is that HM Land Registry are prepared to accept two robust forms of proof of address including council tax bill, utility bills, mortgage statements and firearm certificates.

However, anyone verifying ID on the basis of these documents alone, in the absence of valid photo ID, does so at their own risk, and can be held responsible by Land Registryfor any mistake. Consequently, we don’t currently accept multiple forms of address ID in place of photo ID – we require at least one item of photo ID as set out above.

Please call us if you have any queries regarding your ID documents.

We charge just £59 for online ID confirmation.

Once we have verified your ID, we will complete the ID1 and ID5 documents for you to approve.

We then sign and stamp the ID5 form and copies of the screenshots taken during our video call.

The ID1 documents needs to be signed by you before being sent to HM Land registry at box 14 of Part A – we will show you where to sign.

For security, we use an app called CREDAS to digitally check your ID documents. CREDAS is the UK’s leading ID/AML due diligence provider to the Legal, Estate Agency and Lettings sectors and is widely used throughout the country by various property professionals for ID checks.

During your video call we will send you an invite by email asking that you download the CREDAS mobile app after the call and go through the CREDAS ID verification procedure using your mobile phone.

Detailed instructions will be provided to you, and the CREDAS app is very simple and straightforward to use. If you have any queries on using the CREDAS app please feel free to telephone us.

This depends largely on the delivery method you select.

We aim to dispatch your forms on the same day that the CREDAS checks are done to our satisfaction, required documents provided, and our invoice paid.

Royal Mail 1st class post is included. Delivery times are typically 2 working days.

Tracked 24h post is available as an upgrade option, and your forms will then usually arrive the day after posting. A tracking number can be provided.

If you’re in a hurry, we can send certified copies of your forms by password protected pdf. Furthermore, a nationwide courier delivery service is available on request.

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