if you want to deal with HM Land Registry without instructing a Solicitor, you’ll need to verify your identity. That’s all we do at ID5 Identification Verification, so you can be confident that we are the experts! No hidden fees, no complications and no fuss! If you want to know more, we’ve prepared this handy FAQ with much more information below.

In order to protect against fraud, HM Land Registry have adopted a policy requiring anyone seeking to register a land transaction (e.g. a transfer, lease or charge) to have their identity checked by a solicitor or other conveyancer.

If you instruct a solicitor to act for you, they will check your ID and they’ll certify to Land Registry that this check has been done when they apply to register your transaction. The solicitor usually certified your ID has been checked when they complete the AP1 form.

Most conveyancing forms are freely available online, and many can be downloaded from HM Land Registry website . In many cases, completing the forms can be done without instructing a solicitor, and more and more people are now choosing to save hundreds of pounds by completing the forms themselves without involving an expensive solicitor.

However, Land Registry still require a solicitor or other suitable professional to check the identity of the persons entering into the transaction. This is done using form ID1.

If you are registering a land transaction yourself, without using a solicitor, you will need to have an ID1 form completed. This is usually done by a Solicitor or other conveyancer.

The Solicitor will check your ID, and complete the form to certify to HM Land Registry that your ID has been checked. A fee is payable to the solicitor for the ID1 form, but usually, this is much cheaper than arranging for them to act for you in your transaction.

You then send the ID1 form into the Land Registry with your application to register your transaction, and HM Land Registry will accept that your ID has been checked, thereby allowing you to register your transaction without needing you to formally appoint a solicitor.

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak in early 2020, HM Land Registry has allowed solicitors to check identity documents for the purposes of completing an ID1 form, online, via Video Call. This is done using an ID5 Form:

Verify identity: ID5 Form View the Form here on gov.uk

If the ID is checked online via video link, an ID5 form needs to be completed alongside the ID1, and some parts of the ID1 (including the requirement for a passport photo) are then no longer required.

If the ID is checked online via video link, an ID5 form needs to be completed alongside the ID1, and some parts of the ID1 (including the requirement for a passport photo) are then no longer required.

You will need an ID1 if you are intending to register a land transaction at Land Registry and you don’t want to appoint a solicitor to act for you. If the ID is checked online via Video call, you will also need an ID5.

You’ll need an ID1 / ID5 if you don’t have an appointed conveyancer and:-

  • you are registering a mortgage;
  •  you are discharging a mortgage;
  •  you are granting a lease to someone;
  •  you are transferring a lease to someone;
  •  you are surrendering a lease;
  •  you are buying or selling a property or land;
  •  you are transferring a property.

We are an online verification service. We check and verify your ID, and once done, we provide you with a fully completed ID1 / ID5 which you can present to Land Registry. This will address the ID aspect of your application to them.

When you book we ask you to send us copies of your ID. You then meet one of our solicitors on a Video Call where your ID is checked face to face, and you will be asked some basic questions regarding the transaction. We then arrange for a electronic ID verification. A link will be sent to your phone to allow you to scan in your ID and a photo of yourself. The ID verification will be provided by CREDAS and the cost of it is included in the fee you pay us.

We are the UK’s leading online Land Registry identification certification service.

We realise that time is precious. We also realise that, in times of lockdown and global pandemic, face to face interaction is often impractical.

We offer an online method to swiftly, cheaply and efficiently complete the compliance paperwork for the Land Registry (often much quicker than a high street lawyer ever could), and often at a fraction of the price.

Not with us. You can book a slot online at a time suitable to you.
We can often arrange a same-day video call with a Solicitor and can arrange for the signed ID1 and ID5 Forms to be sent by First Class Post immediately.

If you require, we can also arrange for next day delivery if speed is important to you (*additional fee will apply).

Using our online booking system, you arrange a time for a video call which suits you. A Solicitor will then be available at the allotted time. The Solicitor will be an experienced lawyer who will have been through this process many times. As a result, they will obtain the relevant information swiftly and efficiently.

You will be asked to email photos of certain documents (such as your Passport and proof of address). We will then arrange for an electronic ID check to be undertaken.

The ID1 and ID5 forms will then be completed and returned to you by email and post.

We offer two fixed fee services (with no hidden extras or hidden fees. You can see our simple fixed-fee pricing structure on our Pricing Page”.

The forms of ID which are suitable for ID5 Certified to complete the relevant forms are:

  • Driving Licence
  • Passport
  • Biometric Residency Permit

Examples of the forms of ID which are suitable for ID5 Certified to complete the relevant forms are:

• Gas, electricity or water bill (less than 3 months old)
• Bank Statement (less than 3 months old)
• Council tax bill

If you don’t have one of these, we can discuss what you do have available to see whether this meets the Land Registry requirements.

Unfortunately, yes. However, this is rare.

For example, if you are resident outside the UK, we cannot readily conduct electronic ID verification checks. Other circumstances may be where you have not lived at your current address for very long or where you have not registered to vote – this may result in ID databases not being updated and verification impossible as a result.

We will need to see some evidence of a connection to the property which is going to be subject to the transaction. For example, if you own and live in the property, then this will be evident. If you are selling a “buy to let” property, we may want to see a tenancy agreement or other document relating to the property.

No, this is not required for an ID5.

We usually use Zoom, but we can also use WhatsApp or Facetime to suit you.

We ask for payment by card or bank transfer after our video call and before we commission our electronic ID check.

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